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A wiki dedicated to the Dell XPS 730X systems.

It is a big work-in-progress, that I would gauge is at about 10% completion in content. Lots more to come such as voltage measurements, pinouts, firmware hacking, custom ESA software, and reviews I've been doing on the XPS 730X for a few years. You can also open discussions on this page (Discussions link at the top) and I'll make certain things a priority.



I just threw this up so we can start documenting all of the details of the XPS 730x. I'll be moving my posts from the Facebook group over to here as time goes on, allowing search engines to finally get to my data.

I was the original author (and still the only author) of the Dell XPS 730x page on Wikipedia. This content was posted under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. On this wiki though, I am going to go into much greater detail about this system while hitting on the same topics.

Site progress

You can follow the site progress and any remaining To Dos listed on the site:MediaWiki page.

Open for Anyone

This Wiki is open to anyone to create any page for more information. I do have some posting guidelines, but since this is new I'll just keep an eye out for changes first.

Thanks, Eric Duncan

Detailed information on the XPS 730X

(in progress)


The XPS 730 was specifically designed to be "end-user upgradable". Dell originally planned this by selling upgrade kits, such as the Intel X58 conversation kit to upgrade the XPS 730 to be an XPS 730X machine (going from nForce LGA775 to Intel X58 LGA1366).

Beneficial to all of us though, is that the XPS 730X was designed to be a standard ATX form factor. This means standard off-the-shelf components can be purchased and installed into this system.

The type of upgrades is only limited to your budget.

Drivers and Dell Applications

Head over to the Drivers and Dell Applications page to find out how to get the drivers that support the motherboard and Master Control Board.

Motherboard Swap

See: Motherboard

Upgrading CPU

See: CPU

Modding the H2Ceramic Cooling System

See: H2C

GPU Swap

See: Graphics / Video Cards

Power Supply Unit

See: Power Supply Unit

Chassis Fans

See: Chassis Fans

Memory / RAM

See: Memory

Adding Harddrives

See: Harddrives and SSDs

(add more)

Getting Help and Support

If you need help and support on a specific problem, please refer to the XPS 730X Support and Help page for a running list of websites and communities available for help.

The community has some great people involved in helping users with their XPS 730X and other XPS machines. This Wiki is for reference material though.


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